Ischia Ponte is one of the most characteristic places on the island of Ischia. Walking through its streets you can already taste the air of what was once the village.

Located in the municipality of Ischia and not far from the nearest port. This village will amaze you. In the morning you will be surprised to admire the arrival of the "paranze", the typical fishermen's boats. You will see them arriving from the nearby island of Procida surrounded by seagulls, you will be caught by the scent of Boccia bread freshly baked in the old wood-fired bakery. To mark the time, in this charming and colourful village, will be the tolling of the bells of its churches, the Cathedral and the Church of the Holy Spirit, the latter dedicated to the patron saint of the island of Ischia, St. John Joseph of the cross.


The fountain of Ischia Ponte


What are the places not to be missed?

There are many places not to be missed in the ancient village of Aenaria, among the historical glimpses of the ancient fishing village you cannot miss a visit to the Aragonese Castle, the Mario Mazzella art gallery, and the Museum of the Sea. Read and find out more.

Mario Mazzella Gallery

Strolling in the village of Ischia Ponte, rich in history and culture, stop by the Mario Mazzella art gallery. You will be surprised by his works with a typically Ischia imprint. His paintings represent glimpses of the island and scenes of daily life.

Painting by Mario Mazzella representing the village of Ischia Ponte, the fishing village and the Aragonese Castle.


The ancient, submerged city of Aenaria

Did you know that in the Cartaromana bay under the Aragonese Castle, there are the submerged excavations of an ancient city?

This is Aenaria, one of the few archaeological sites located below sea level and still open today. If you are a lover of diving and snorkelling, you cannot absolutely miss this natural beauty. A marine protected area belonging to the Kingdom of Neptune.

A curiosity, beneath the Aragonese Castle is posidonia and a very particular microclimate. In fact, you will notice small bubbles rising from the seabed, it is pure carbon dioxide. Their characteristic is to alter the carbon dioxide in the air, which is why, in this place, the shells of the marine species that live there are free of limestone. You will also notice that the posidonia is cleaner, its colour is that of a bright green as well as shorter than that present in other places. A show and a unique place in the world. The fish that swim in these waters are called "prairie fish" due to its particularity.


The submerged city of Aenaria under the Cartaromana bay- Exclusivehomeischia

The Aragonese Castle

The ancient manor protagonist of the village of Ischia Ponte. Yet, in ancient times, it was not as it is today. The castle was in fact an islet separated from the mainland and connected to the village by a drawbridge.

The castle retains a very ancient history. Built in 474 by the soldiers of the tyrant of Syracuse, Gerone, who were forced to dig inside the rock.Later in 500 the Castle became a feudal residence and later a Spanish residence headed by the Bourbons. In 1441 the castle was enlarged by Alfonzo di Aragona. In 1509, the wedding between Francesco di Aragona and Vittoria Colonna, poetess of the time, was celebrated in this very place. The poetess welcomed numerous famous people and artists to her court, including Michelangelo, Ariosto, Sannazaro and Giovanni Pontano.


What can be seen inside the Castle

Inside it is accessed via the numerous stairs. During your ascent above your head, you will notice some cracks. These had the function of defence: the boiling oil was thrown on the attackers, in this way, its inhabitants protected themselves and prevented the pirates from reaching its summit.

Once inside, you will visit: the Poor Clares cemetery, the torture museum, the Assumption Cathedral overlooking the bay of Cartaromana and the gulf. From the Cathedral it will also be possible to admire Michelangelo's tower on the opposite side. If you want to stop for a relaxing break, know that inside there are two beautiful bars and two restaurants with refined and refined cuisine.


The events of the Castle

There are numerous events held on the Aragonese Castle. The manor, in fact, welcomes artists of various kinds during the year. Its rooms often house works by various local and foreign artists. One of the most famous and renowned events is dedicated to cinema, Ischia Film Festival another is dedicated to poetry and theatre, La poesia il Castello e la Torre.


Castello Aragonese di Ischia Ponte - Exclusivehomeischia


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