The benefits of the thermal waters




The island of Ischia with its 29 groups of springs.

Today we invite you to visit the source of Nitrodi Nymphs located in Barano d'Ischia , which with  its natural healing and therapeutic waters and the various thermal mud treatments offers incredible benefits for all skin types.

It's an akaline water that with its mining components sulfur, iodine, chlorine, iron and elements of calcium, potassium and microelements of other active substances allows the regeneration of the skin and its purification.


The blessings of the waters of the Ischia spring. Read and find out more

Its benefits are varied starting from a high healing power in cases of wounds, psoriasis sores, acne, soothing to an anti-inflammatory action to the antibacterial and depurative action.  This water is in fact indicatedfor the treatmentof neuralgia, arthrosis and metabolic disorders .

Its benefits and miraculous cures were already known in the times of the ancient Greeks and even today they are recognized even at the medical level.

Its advisable to soak yourself or soak the affected areas with thermal water and then let it dry in the sun, moreoverit's suggested to carry out more cycles to be able to see the healthy effect on one's skin.

Come and discover Ischia, your regenerating wellness breakcombined with a dream awakening, immerse yourself in relaxation




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