Why visit Mortella garden ?

It is one of the most beautiful and characteristic gardens in the world

A stop that every visitor to the island of Ischia should absolutely include in their tour.

The garden, in every season of the year offers a different spectacle, it is in fact an interesting and unique opportunity to discover it.


Every year, it organizes events related to music of all kinds both outdoors inside the theater which can occupy up to 400 seats and also in the indoor concert hall.


The history of the Garden

With its vast variety of plants, even rare ones, it is a garden that fascinates and enchants, a place where time stands still.
The garden was strongly desired by Mrs. Walton, wife of the well-known English composer and conductor William Walton.

He and his wife, thanks to countless travels, collected seeds and plants of every species and variety.

The two then, falling in love with the island of Ischia, decided to stop in Forio in the Zaro area, and there they began to design the garden.

Construction of the garden began after the Second World War and has grown and expanded over the years.

Today the garden is preserved and preserved by the foundation commissioned by Mrs. Walton.


What to see inside

Upon entering you are enveloped by a thousand shades of green and its dense vegetation, in fact, every corner of the garden is dedicated to a different species.

The Mortella garden is divided into two levels, one in the valley and one in the hills.

The one downstream was designed and engineered by Russel Page in 1956 and takes on a particular L shape.The small stream that borders it is located on the longer side, while on the other side, the shorter one, is the Walton mansion.

On this side of the garden, along your path, you will be surprised by the sight of the wonderful Ginko Biloba a rare plant, indeed, a distant relative of the conifers, of which only fossil specimens were known until the eighteenth century (200 million old of years). The plant was found in China in the eighteenth century and is still preserved there today.




The part of the garden located in the Collina was instead conceived and designed by Lady Walton and is more recent, in fact it dates back to 1983, the date of the death of Mr. Walton.

In the highest part is the rock dedicated to Mr. Walton, while not far away it is possible to admire the Temple of the Sun, which was once used to collect rainwater.
In your eyes the engravings of Apollo will stand out with the theme inspired by music and poetry, the work of Simon Verity.


Along the way up the hill, you will be greeted by the Nymphaeum, one of the most bewitching and spectacular parts of the garden, known as the "mirror of the soul". Inside, you can admire the steel fountain and the small cave of Aphrodite, also by Verity.



One of the most characteristic and lively places is the theater, which thanks to the will of Mrs. Walton and the foundation, during the summer season hosts concerts and artists of various kinds.


At the highest point of the garden and the so-called Zaro area, you will be fascinated by the oriental garden, recognizable by its Thai pavilion and the typical pond of lotus plants.




Our advice, when to visit the garden: times and opening


The visit to the garden is possible from

2nd April to 1st November

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 19.00.
(the ticket offices close at 18.00)

The visit lasts about 1 hour and a half, we also recommend 2 hours to enjoy the garden to the fullest.


The garden can be reached with our taxi service, or if you are with your car the garden has free parking at the upper entrance in Via Zaro (see the map ->  FREE MORTELLA PARKING

Due to its beauty and characteristics, the garden can also be visited during the winter season (usually one day during the week)
In any case, we recommend that you take a look at their official website


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