The History of Wine in Ischia between origins and


If “in vino veritas” it is also true that the country with the highest number of vitis vinifera in the world is Italy.


Thanks to its more than 350 varieties, our country is first in the world for variety of vitis vinifera. In Italy, wine has been produced by the ancient Greeks as far back as 1000 BC. Already those enlightened marpioni of the ancient Greeks, in fact, understood the qualities of this divine drink, so much so that the Greek colonists themselves distinguished themselves in the cultivation of vines and in the production of wine when the green island was still called Phitecusa. A fertile land, of volcanic origin and a mild climate, which lent itself well to the growth of the vine.

Several artifacts found today are used to taste this drink, one of these is the cup of Nestor, an Ischian find that contains an epigram consisting of three verses where an explicit poetic reference is made to the easy morals of Aphrodite, but certainly not it is that which is interesting, but an inscription that evokes the power and qualities of fermented nectar.

But what cider, what mead, long live wine!



Events related to the wine tradition

And we know that memory is transmitted through coming together and sharing, and what could be better than sharing a moment, an emotion, with a glass of wine in hand?

So in Ischia now, for more than a decade, the "Andar per Cantine" event has been taking place, a tour through the vineyards and cellars of the whole island that aims to show tourists as well as natives culture and tradition linked to this drink.

The initiative takes place during the harvest period where the bunches are kneaded between the end of September and the beginning of October. An initiative on the rise, so much so that the days announced in favor of this festival increase from year to year.

"Going to Cellars", therefore, allows you to make this extraordinary island known through wine, a place suspended between land and sea, where ancient cellars and luxuriant rows intertwine.


Fine wines from the island of Ischia

White or red? It's almost like asking a child if he loves mom or dad more. In any case, the vineyards of the island of Ischia offer a wide choice of both, satisfying everyone. In this sense, white wines are preferably produced such as L'ischia (biancolella 65%, forastera 20%, other vineyards 15%) excellent if combined with the local fish. But also the roso keeps a hit with the red wines Ischia (for per ’e’ palummo 50%, piedirosso 40%, and other vines 10%) with a lively and tannic flavor.

It is no coincidence that the production potential of Ischian winemaking is about five million bottles.



The precious contribution of potassium, together with the excellent draining capacity, are two reasons why the tuffaceous soils of the island of Ischia have always been suitable for viticulture.

In fact, wine strengthens memory, slows down the aging processes and exerts an antibacterial and antioxidant action, as well as reducing the onset of some pathologies.

And then from that pinch of joy that is sometimes lacking.