The island of Ischia, rich in folklore. The most beautiful celebrations in honor of the most important saints Santa Restituta, St Anna and St. Michele, which you absolutely cannot miss. Read more and plan your vacation.

The most beautiful celebrations and parties on the island of Ischia: which ones are not to be missed. Read and find out more.

Many choose to spend their holidays in Ischia, on the dates of the most famous and beautiful celebrations on the island. The village festivals of the island's patron saints are full of colours and feelings and gather around them every year numerous tourists. Read more about this magnificent island and discover its culture, you will surely be captivated.


The feast in honor of Santa Restituta, patron saint of the island of Ischia and protector of the municipality of Lacco Ameno, is celebrated every year, from 16 to 18 May. During these days, on the seafront various stalls are set up with typical local foods and particular objects.

The most important and folkloric event is celebrated on the first day of the festivities, on May 16th. On this first day, in fact, the representation of the martyrdom of the saint takes place in the bay of San Montano. Every year, the landing of the saint in Roman times is staged in theatrical form, which took place right on this beach.

According to a legend, on May 16 of the year 284, the young Restituta declared that she adored God and refused to adore Jupiter. The Romans, therefore, after having questioned her several times, following her numerous denials, took her to prison. Then after having scourged her and put her on a boat covered with pitch and abandoned her in the open sea. However, it happened that the boat of his executioners caught fire sparing that of the saint. The latter, unscathed, landed right on the beach of San Montano. Every year on that same date, even today, the memory of this miraculous event is celebrated. In the days following the representation, the other processions take place. The last day is dedicated to the fireworks display on the stretch of water overlooking the bay and the famous mushroom of Lacco Ameno.

Date: from 16th to 18th May.

Advice for those wishing to admire the representation in the bay of San Montano: If you wish to admire the representation on the beach; you can easily reach the bay by crossing the Negombo park; which can be accessed for free from the main entrance. The representation takes place at dusk, therefore, to be able to see it at its best, we advise you to get ready a little before sunset.



One of the most beautiful and heartfelt celebrations for the population of Ischia and beyond is the feast on the rocks of St. Anna. Every year tens of thousands of tourist’s flock to admire it. The festival takes place in the municipality of Ischia, in the bay in front of the Aragonese Castle. The party takes place from 9 pm onwards, when all the lights of the village come on and give a special atmosphere. Every year, in fact, on July 26, the feast is celebrated in honor of St. Anna, mother of Mary and protector of pregnant women. The various municipalities of the island participate in the festival with their allegorical floats, as well as rafts. Which are built specifically to parade on the stretch of water of the castle bay. One by one, the floats parade and are judged by a special jury. At the end of the parade, the winning float is awarded. After that, on the notes of Blue Dolphin, the spectacle of the Aragonese castle fire takes place. The castle turns red and the pyro musical show of the master stokers begins. Throughout the week dedicated to the saint, the whole village of Ischia Ponte celebrates. Did you know that from the Exclusive home Ischia apartments you can enjoy a privileged view over the whole bay. This will allow you to experience the party in an even more immersive and authentic way, a real gem.

Date: 26th July

Tips to enjoy the party to the fullest: many choose to attend the party from the sea with their own boat. Alternatively, for those who want it, it is possible to admire it from the large boats that set sail from the port of Ischia. Then there is the possibility for those who wish to stop on the rocks of the pier to be able to see all the wagons more closely. For those who want to see only the fireworks, the best place is via Stradone or the hill of Cartaromana.


One of the most famous and ancient celebrations is the one dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. The festival in honor of the saint takes place in the picturesque fishing village of St Angelo di Ischia. Here, every year, the Archangel Michael is celebrated, to whom all the locals are devoted. The festival, in fact, involves not only the village of St Angelo but also the Maronti bay which takes part in the festival sincerely. Its characteristic, in fact, is precisely that of following the saint with the small fishing boats during the procession by sea. The saint is carried in procession along the entire Maronti bay and here each establishment greets the saint with fireworks and torches. Upon returning, the statue of the saint lands under "the tower", welcomed by the band and carried on the shoulders of the faithful, parading among the torches and fireworks. The show does not end here, in fact, at midnight the pyro musical show leaves everyone speechless.

Date: 29 and 30 September

Advice on how to make the most of the festival: For those who have never seen the festival, we recommend taking part in the procession by sea on boats behind the saint; it is truly a very impressive sight. For those who only want to see the fires, know that you will have to stand up looking up and wait for midnight to enjoy the magnificent fireworks display.





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