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Palazzotto onorato is one of the most prestigious buildings on The island of Ischia.

Built in the second half on the eighteenth century , it belonged to the Buonocore family.


Marianna Buonocore married Nicola Onorato and brought the palace as a dowry.

In the first half of the nineteenth century lived Vincenzo Onorato , author of the "Topographical Historical Ragguaglio  of the island of ischia.


It's a building on two levels you can see its "L" shaped structure and the two entrances one on via Marina and the other on Vico Stradone.



Upon entering you immediately get the impression of its magnificence with its pavilion vaults and its stairs still in marble.

Going up the stairs you can see from the various views the view of the village of Celsa , so called by the mulberry trees , in italian called "gelsi " , thet were there throughout the village of ischia ponte to then enjoy the immense spectacle of the entire Gulf of Naples with the islet of Vivara , Procida and Capri island  and the splendid manor , the Aragonese Castle once climbed onto the terrace of Exclusivehomeischia .

Palazzo Malcovati vista dal Palazzo Buonocore


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