Live ischia between the sea and isolan tradition:Easter is the first period that brings us closer to summer, the days are longer, and the temperatures are milder. Ischia is one of the favourite places for all those who like to experience a taste of summer in advance. Ischia is in fact the perfect destination with its many alternatives allowing all types of tourists to meet their needs, from the sea to the mountains, from good local food to starred restaurants.

The island of Ischia is in fact an excellent choice for all those who wish to take their first bath in the water as early as early March but even earlier! The island, in fact, with its sources of thermal water allows you to immerse yourself in several points in its hot thermal waters throughout the year.

Exclusivehomeischia from the village of Ischia Ponte


The activities to do in Ischia during the Easter period, the right combination of hospitality and well-being.

For all those who choose to spend a few relaxing days during this period, there are many activities that the island offers. Easter is one of the most heartfelt moments due to its celebrations linked to Christian worship. Each of the 6 island municipalities is preparing with its own celebrations to celebrate this very important Christian moment.

Walks along the paths, Ischia called the green island is in fact a place full of paths and walks along the whole island. If you are good walkers and love nature, here are some tips for you to enjoy the island to the fullest.

For those who like to immerse themselves in the thermal waters of the island, there are many sources of thermal water scattered throughout the island. There is the bay of Sorgeto, the bay of Cartaromana, the Fumaroles along the Maronti beach.

Definitely do not miss a visit to the Aragonese Castle, one of the symbolic places of the island of Ischia. Spring with its mild climate is in fact the ideal time for those who want to visit it.

The village of Ischia Ponte seen from above.


Where to stay in Ischia

Exclusivehomeischia is the ideal place for those who want to spend relaxing days. Its strategic position in the ancient village of Ischia Ponte will allow you to enjoy the quiet of this place, giving you spectacular sunrises and sunsets from its terraces.

The terrace with the pool of turchese apartment


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