If you have decided to stay in Ischia and want to visit the city of Naples, with its beauties. Here is the perfect guide for you. These are the places that you absolutely cannot miss.

The beauties of Naples all there is to discover among the most characteristic and historical places of the Neapolitan city. The perfect tour that will allow you to get around Naples in half a day.


Vesuvius with the fishermen's nets

What are the places not to be missed? All there is to discover.

The Neapolitan city rich in history and culture will surprise you in every corner. If you have chosen to dedicate a few hours of your holiday in Ischia to visit this magnificent city, here are some destinations not to be missed. The destinations we have chosen for you are all concentrated in a single area of Naples, this will allow you to reach easily, thanks to our trusted taxis that will take you to the nearest pizza and at the end of the day they will pick you up. This will allow you to enjoy this magnificent day full of history, culture but not only good food too!


San Gregorio Armeno

The first visit is to the most famous street in Naples. The real heart of the Neapolitan city. San Gregorio Armeno is an ancient street of Greek-Roman origin, located between the two decumans, Via Spaccanapoli and Via dei Tribunali. A street made of many colours and a Christmas atmosphere.

The crib art of San Gregorio Armeno.

In this place, in fact, the nativity scene is celebrated every day of the year. In fact, in this street you can admire the nativity scenes hand made by the nativity masters. Statuettes of all sizes and shapes that reproduce the various characters of the nativity scene and beyond. Walking through these streets you will be surrounded all around by red horns of all sizes and tambourines.

The best time to visit the street and all the artisan shops is all year round. During the Christmas period, although you breathe even more of the Christmas air, the street is crowded with people, we do not recommend it.

The street of San Gregorio Armeno with statuettes and nativity scene art


San Severo Chapel - Veiled Christ

A few minutes walk from one of the most famous streets of Naples is the San Severo chapel. This place represents one of the most mystical places in the city, not to be missed.

You will be greeted by a softly lit place, a one-of-a-kind chapel. After a few steps you will be immediately greeted by a show and as you approach it slowly you will realize that this is how it seems real, yet it is marble. The veiled Christ in all his beauty covered as by a veil. Impossible not to be captivated by its beauty and magnificence.

The legends of the Veiled Christ

Many have wondered how it was possible to make such a sculpture. The marble representing the veil is so soft and thin that it seems to have been marbled. Someone says that it was the ability of the Giuseppe San Martino sculptures, while another legend tells that it was the esoteric powers of Prince Raimondo di Sangro. It is said of the latter that he was able with a special esoteric formula to make the fabrics solid, keeping them intact.

The bodies of the Chapel

Inside, the chapel also preserves some bodies without skin. It is thought that they belonged to the prince's servants. Of these two bodies it is possible to admire the vascular system in its entirety and perfectly preserved.

Inside, the chapel also preserves some magnificent sculptures, one of which is entitled Modesty and Disillusionment. Depicting the mother and father of the prince. Together with this there is also the tomb dedicated to Raimondo di Sangro and that of Cecco di Sangro.

When you are inside the chapel, notice the continuous white marble line. This represents by the will of the prince himself his intention to visit the chapel according to a real labyrinth.

The San Severo chapel with the veiled Christ


If after the visit you have felt a certain languor, we recommend a stop at one of the most famous pizzerias in Naples, Sorbillo. It’s located a few steps from the San Severo Chapel and via dei Tribunali. Here you can taste the real Neapolitan pizza: Margherita and Napoletana with the flavor of mozzarella , fresh tomato and basil.

The San Severo chapel on the left just 6 minutes on foot from San Gregorio Armeno, with the Sorbillo pizzeria at the halfway point.


Cloister of Santa Chiara

One of the most evocative monumental complexes in the historic centre of the Neapolitan city.

The monastery dates to 1310, its construction dates to King Robert of Anjou and his wife Sancia of Mallorca.

The gardens are divided inside into 4 sectors. Two of these are decorated in the Italian style, with decorative designs with hedges and fountains, while others represent citrus groves.

Walking inside the cloister, the warm colours of the citrus fruits represented on the majolica will stand out, while the internal relatives on the four sides are entirely frescoed. The frescoes are representative of the life of the sentiments and allegorical moments with scenes from the Old Testament.

The Crib of the Cloister

Do not forget before going out to visit the large nativity scene displayed in the inner part of the cloister, it is a real spectacle.


The majolica of the Cloister of Santa Chiara

Scaturchio - the curly or short pastry sfogliatella

After walking for a long time and being fascinated by so much beauty, you will surely feel peckish. Here is one of the gastronomic stops that you absolutely cannot resist. The ancient Scaturchio pastry shop located right in the historic centre and then away from major attractions, is a sweet destination, both for Neapolitans and for foreigners. It will be difficult to choose between the two types of sfogliatelle “la frolla” and “la riccia”. Which one do you like best?

The pastry sfogliatella in the Galleria Umberto in Naples

The rich sfolgiatella on the Caraccio seafront in Naples, Vesuvius in the background.



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