The different tours of Italy, a land full of flavours and perfumes where you can immerse yourself in every month of the year. 

Italy is full of places to visit where to get lost. If you are thinking of organizing your holiday in this country, and if you are curious to discover its beauties, read more. Here you will find all the advice of a true Italian tourist.


You know, Italy is a peninsula, this means that most of its territory is surrounded by the sea. For this reason, Italy, together with its two islands Sicily and Sardinia, has beautiful coasts that are sometimes even pristine where you can walk and swim.


The southernmost island of Italy; a pristine and colourful land. You will be fascinated by its white stone, its historic buildings, and its crystal-clear sea with white sand. The nearby Aeolian, Egadi, Ustica, Lampedusa and Pantelleria minor islands are part of this island. Also worth mentioning are the archaeological sites of Taormina and Agrigento. Indeed, in the Greek theatre of Taormina, every year, towards the end of June, the famous Greek tragedies are staged at sunset, they are truly beautiful and represented as they once were without the aid of microphones.

If you want to know more about the Greek theatre in Taormina:Taormina Theatre 


Monreale Cathedral in Palermo    

Arancina typical street food in Palermo city 



Another uncontaminated region is Puglia, an area rich in inlets and small villages overlooking the sea. It will be fascinating to cross its streets between the villages surrounded by olive groves and vines. The most characteristic places are certainly Monopoli, Alberobello, Polignano a Mare and the whole Gargano area.

Alberobello, Puglia 

pristine beaches of Puglia   

Polignano a Mare



Campania with its Amalfi Coast and the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida (capital of culture 2022). This region, in the south of Italy, is one of the most beautiful and ancient and rich in archaeological sites. The best known are, the ancient city of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Their peculiarity is that they remained intact after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Campania is a land with a great culinary tradition, here in fact, you can taste the famous scialatielli allo scoglio and spaghetti with lemon, typical of the Amalfi coast. Then walking through the streets of Naples you cannot fail to taste the famous Margherita pizza. The best pizza makers are Pizzeria da Michele, Sorbillo and 50Kalò. If you prefer fried pizza instead, we recommend those from the Starita pizzeria or from the President's Daughter. You can't say you've been to Naples if you haven't tasted mozzarella, real buffalo mozzarella from Campania together with provola. If, on the other hand, you are a dessert lover, the curly puff pastry “sfogliatella riccia” and shortcrust pastry “sfogliatella frolla” are the real must. You can taste them at the famous and ancient Scaturchio bar. Then there is the famous Neapolitan babà and pastiera, it's a typical sweet from Campania prepared during the Easter period and beyond. During your walk in the heart of Naples you will also have to stop for a coffee at the ancient Gambrinius bar or at the Bar del Professore where you can taste the famous nocciolino, the hazelnut-flavoured coffee.


Plebiscito square, Naples

Procida, capital of the culture 2022



The nearby islands of Ischia and Procida (capital of culture 2022) are real beauties. The islands can be easily reached by walk, from the Port of Naples, Molo Beverello by hydrofoil, or if you are with car  from Porta di Massa from the Port of Pozzuoli by ferry. During the summer season the islands are well connected to the Amalfi coast from the Amalfi, Sorrento Positano docks and from the nearby island of Capri. The island of Ischia is full of coves such as the Maronti beach, the Citara beach with the best-known thermal parks of Negombo and Poseidon. The parks are a mix of beaches and swimming pools with different thermal water temperatures in which to relax and spend wonderful relaxing days. Even the island of Ischia is rich in a vast culinary culture. Here you can taste typical local dishes such as spaghetti allo scoglio or with clams and seafood salad as well as the famous Ischia rabbit, the true traditional dish. Do you want to know what is the typical Ischia sandwich? It is the Zingara, its peculiarity is that it is made with two slices of bread, cooked in wood in local ovens, inside which there are raw ham, mozzarella, salad, mayonnaise and tomato, a real delicacy! You cannot fail to taste it!

More information for your private transfer from both Naples airport and the Amalfi coast to the islands of Ischia and Procida:




The view of ischia ponte from Exclusivehomeischia




The eternal city, as well as the capital of Italy. Many choose for their Italy tour to include Rome. Here, in fact, you will be surrounded by history and art in every street corner. The main attractions are the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums. Do not miss a tour of the major fashion streets, the famous stairs of Piazza Venezia and the wonderful view of all of Rome from the Pincio. The typical local dishes not to be missed are the famous carbonara, matriciana, the pasta alla gricia and the famous lamb, better known as lamb. In Rome you can have breakfast with Maritozzi with cream and on the hottest days you can taste the typical grattachecca, a sort of fruit granita.



For lovers of history, green hills and cypresses, Tuscany is an area that will enchant you. Its major cities are Florence and Siena; reachable both by train and by plane, but the best way to visit them and be able to fully enjoy them is by car. Florence is a very ancient city; it too was the capital of Italy for some time. Here you absolutely cannot miss a visit to the Uffizi and a walk on the Ponte Vecchio. The bridge is characteristic because it is full of shops of local goldsmiths and jewellers. In these lands you can taste the famous Florentine steak, the Schiacciata, the Lampredotto and the Ribollita.



Italy is one of the richest countries in opportunities and activities to do. Throughout the year, in fact, it offers the possibility of being able to choose between the different itineraries and ideal places both for those traveling as a couple, with family or with friends.

The best locations where you can ski or hike

In fact, this country with its Dolomites, a UNESCO heritage site, offers many places where you can spend an unforgettable ski week. The best known and most chic are Cortina d'Ampezzo, Courmayeur, Livigno and Madonna di Campiglio. These villages are charming and characteristic with their wooden houses and sloping roofs. In these locations there are the best ski areas and ski lifts. The typical cuisine includes the typical dumplings, spätzle, and gnocchi. The various soups with local lard and bacon, local cold cuts, and the famous polenta.



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