One of the most beautiful bays on the island of Ischia.

The bay of San Montano is one of the most beautiful on the island, in the embrace of two green hills the water of this sea is green like nature. And a triumph of nature, among flowers, tropical plants and Mediterranean trees, is the Negombo thermal park. Where water and art are the protagonists of a garden of delights.



The Negombo was conceived to pleasantly combine the extraordinary therapeutic properties of the thermal waters with a fun and healthy stay.


Heliotherapy, massages, aerosols, inhalations, thermal pools equipped with hydromassage jets; in short, everything to regenerate and give well-being, without forgetting that the thermal waters can be effective in numerous diseases of the osteo-articular system.


The current appearance of the park owes much to the passionate intervention of the landscape architect Ermanno Casasco.
His commitment was to create a garden deeply anchored to the millenary peasant culture of the place and full of surprises and unexpected solutions: the concrete tank that recalls the rainwater collection basins, the slate slab that reproduces the jumps of 'water, the waterfall inspired by oxygenation falls.


In this garden, a privileged place for the relationship between man and nature, the rural landscape is integrated with the magnificence of plants from Australia, Japan, South Africa and Brazil.